Jessalyn Maguire is lovely as Maria-Theresa. She touches on the innocence, immaturity and bottled-up passion of the character. Her acting in a scene where she turns the tables on Mesmer by passive-aggressively taking control has great subtext. It is as though she has briefly learned a bit of control from her lover and master, Mesmer himself.

John Lavriviere, Talkin'

Enter Maria-Theresa, blind harpsichordist, 22 and a blonde Viennese cutie. Mesper zaps her with magnetic rays. Truly. It's almost woth the price of a ticket alone... Jessalyn Maguire has mastered the art of wearing and moving in 18th century dress.

Roger Martin, Miami Artzine

The other plesant revelations was Jessalyn Maguire, who was able to carve a faultless living reproduction of the unfortunate socialite Sara Starr.

Tiziano T. Dossena, I'Idea Magazine

Jessalyn Maguire has a delicate, fragile beauty that is perfect for Maria-Theresa von Paradis. Though she is only 22 Maria-Theresa is a confident and secure woman who is quite comfortable with her disability.

Skip Sheffield, Boca Raton Tribune

... amusingly played by Jessalyn Maguire...

Ronni Reich, BACKSTAGE

When she came on stage the play immediately came to life... Jessalyn Maguire's energy grabbed my attention and all the remaining action seemed to revolve around her.

Keith Talbot, This American Life, NPR